What you need to know about female sex arousal

The sexual arousal of females is different than that of males. For men, this can be an instant thing that can just happen anytime and anywhere. For women, there needs to be more of a build-up than that. 


Arousal from the start

If you want your woman to get fully aroused by the time you bring her home with you, then you have to start from the moment you first talk to her. A female’s arousal has to be from all her senses so talking to her can do wonders for getting things going in the right direction when sex dating.

Mental arousal 

Mental arousal is important to set the stage if you are in hopes of getting laid. Having a meaningful and stimulating conversation can get her more interested in you than just boring small talk which may lead to nowhere as the night ends. Compliments and flirting can also help get you somewhere. You will never find a woman who is unwilling to go to bed with you after a very lively and flirty conversation

Slowly but surely

Another thing that can stimulate a woman’s sexual arousal is physical touch. However, going slow is always the way to go. This is especially true if you are just meeting for the first time after a couple of times chatting through your sex dating app. Being able to sit close by her and showing her some affection like putting your arms around her can stimulate that arousal and get her ready to go home with you.


Touching the exposed parts of her body as you make conversation can also spark something more primal in her as you go about your date. Even the act of taking her hand to stand up and walk around can help arouse these feelings.


Once you are in the bedroom, taking things slow is still the name of the game unless the woman is already hot and heavy for you the moment you get into your house. Being able to allow some time for foreplay can help arouse a woman even more. Taking the time to do this can make them want you even more. 


When you want to arouse a woman, you must first consider the mood she is in. If she is busy, she might not want to be distracted but it is possible to do so. If the lady is in an angry mood, it is best to keep away, unless you can make her feel calmer. At the point in time that you want to have sex, you have to be attuned to her mood and respond accordingly.


Women fantasize about many things, in the same way that men do. Men have graphic images in their thoughts, and they fantasize about what to do with the body part, such as a vagina. Women, on the other hand, fantasize about what a person can do to their body while sex dating. The fantasy will have a mix of adventure, romance, or emotions.